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HintMissing Word(s)Band/Song
Graffiti decorations under...Linkin Park/Runaway
Even if I say, it'll be alright still I hear you say...Three Days Grace/Never Too Late
I did not mean...Tenacious D/Master Exploder
Do you know what's worth fighting for when it'sGreen Day/21 Guns
Through the fires of forever...Dragonforce/Fury of the Storm
It was love from above that could...Nickelback/Into the Night
There's too many men...Genesis/Land of Confusion
You come on like a blood stained hurricane, leave me alone...Disturbed/Stricken
Back off, i'll...Trapt/Headstrong
Who's to know if you're soul will fade at all...Seether/Fake It
HintMissing Word(s)Band/Song
I chase the sun...Breaking Benjamin/Follow
Wind is blowing thru closed doors with shadows...Emarosa/The Past Should Stay Dead
I want domination...Papa Roach/To Be Loved
I left my body lying somewhere...3 Doors Down/Kryptonite
I've got to fight today...Skillet/Hero
Here we are now...Nirvana/Smells Like Teen Spirit
But it's just the price I pay, destiny is...The Killers/Mr.Brightside
Burning in my brain...Metallica/Ride the Lightning
I'm just siting in my car and waiting...System of a Down/Hypnotize
Invisible airwaves....Rush/The Spirit of Radio

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