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QUIZ: Can you name the Missing words to these song lyrics?

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HintMissing Word(s)Band/Song
When i was a young boy, my father took me into the city...My Chemical Romance/Welcome to the Black Parade
I beg to dream and differ...Green Day/Holiday
Dancing in the desert...System of a Down/B.Y.O.B.
I tried so hard...Linkin Park/In the End
Suddenly, i'm not half the man...The Beatles/Yesterday
And no one even knew it was... The Offspring/You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
And she said we are all just prisoners here...The Eagles/Hotel California
Say goodbye, as we...Breaking Benjamin/Dance with the Devil
HintMissing Word(s)Band/Song
Exit light....Metallica/Enter Sandman
Madness is the gift....Disturbed/Down with the Sickness
The secret side of me I never let you see, I keep it caged butI ...Skillet/Monster
Metal wounds not healing...Ozzy Osbourne/Crazy Train
Tonight i'm gonna have myself...Queen/Don't Stop Me Now
Break away from everybody, break....Three Days Grace/Break
I'm gonna trade this life for fourtune and fame i'd even cut my hair and...Nickleback/Rockstar

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