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What species of bird did Karl own when he was young?
What was the bird's name?
What was the name of the supermarket Karl worked in?
What did Karl's mum address his brothers Lieutenant as in a letter?
Which of Karl's presents did his brother break on Christmas day?
What was the name of the Housefly Karl's mum kept as a pet?
What did Karl's mum put on a spider so it wouldn't get lost on the carpet?
What did Karl's dad crash, causing millions of pounds worth of damage?
What did Karl's dad saw a few inches off so it would fit in a room better?
Complete the quote from Karl's dad: 'Try to avoid the ____ in the ___'
Which of Karl's teachers said he would never be a high flyer?
What did Karl catch from supposedly 'wearing a bear suit'?
According to Karl, what is the past tense of the word 'squeeze'?
What was the name of Karl's character in Derek?
What was the character's job?
During an Idiot Abroad, in which country did Karl eat toad?
In Israel, which deaf restaurant did eat at?
What was the name of the gay man (and drag queen) Karl stayed with in Brazil?
What film did Karl try to watch while being seasick on his whale watching trip?
What invention did Karl come up with whilst in Japan?
What type of party did Karl attend while on Route 66?
In response to seeing a Hippo in a house, where did Karl say his cat wasn't allowed?
Whilst on a train, what superhero did Karl invent?
What was An Idiot Abroad originally called?
Back at home, what appliance does Karl always have problems with?
What item of clothing does Karl not like wearing?
Why not?
What was Karl carrying to his new flat on the day of the London Marathon?
Whilst doing the washing up, Karl likes to watch people in the flat opposite. What does the Chinese fella do every night?
In response to seeing a woman 'with no knickers or bra on' what did Karl show her?
Does Karl ever want to get married?
Does Karl want children?
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