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What has been Karl's favourite job ever?
How much money did Suzanne give Karl for a hot chocolate when they first met?
What did Karl do in return to impress her?
What did Karl call the brooch he got for Suzanne?
What did Karl famously get a bumper pack of for Suzanne for Christmas?
Aside from DIY, what is Karl's only chore at home?
How many siblings does Karl have?
Fill in the blank: Karl's 'uncle' is named _____ Stan
How did Jimmy The Hat get his nickname?
What did Uncle Alf sleep in, instead of a bed?
Who used to push Karl round in a go-kart, to 'train for the Olympics'?
How did Karl nearly kill a man once?
What was Karl's blockbuster style segment called on XFM?
Another segment of his was called Songs of _____?
The segment in which he taught Ricky some interesting trivia?
Fill in the blank of yet another one of Karl's segments: Cheeky _____ of the Week
What caused Karl to be in and out of hospital?
How did Karl catch a cold?
What was Karl's invention? The ______ Tie
The name of what novelty band did Karl think was a real headline?
What was the name of the Humanzee who lived with a zookeeper and his wife?
What was the name of Karl's Sky One fictional series, released in 2018?
Fill in the blank: 'I could eat a ____ at night'
What were Karl's handles on his CB Radio?
What ingredient did Karl's brain remind Karl of before he went shopping?
What did Karl's mum stick a feather on so the budgie wouldn't get lonely?
What subject was Karl's only GCSE in?
What grade did he get in said GCSE?
What was Karl doing when he was stung by a bee?
What did Karl famously have hair like?
What has Karl never seen an old man eat?

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