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Song Lyric #1Combined 'Before and After'Song Lyric #2
You're appealing to emotions that I simply do not haveSay my name and his in the same breath
I've got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to matchI can't go to sleep without an Ambien
If home is where the heart is then we're all just ****I keep telling myself I'm not the desperate type
You only hold me up like this 'cause you don't know who I really amWe've been down, we've been out, we've been hanging 'round
Song Lyric #1Combined 'Before and After'Song Lyric #2
I'm the invisible man who can't stop staring at the mirrorWhen routine bites hard and ambitions are low
There's children throwing snowballs instead of throwing headsI am an arms dealer, fitting you with weapons in the form of words
Fall asleep, phone in handI've got the midnight tennis elbow
You better run, you better do what you canPut your hand between an aching head and an aching world

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