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118.017 to being biolinguist
118.04 All kid hate going to during their favorite time of the year
118.06 when you will a kid in school you will would have said every day in school
118.03 most teacher teach out of a ____.
118.164 When a kid cause trouble in a classroom what is the general things to do?
118.19 . all teacher would have to have what to teacher in school?
118.18 . all teacher did to be grade on the teacher ability.
118.235 most teacher get 30 min to compete what? there are not teaching during the time period
118.24 the principals would have report to the _______ ______ which is above him
118.27 sometime a school can get _______ and _______ which would be out money.
118.325 if a children might be having drugs they would have to due a _____ ______. At my high School a old Principal told me that he almost lost a arm due a bear trap in a locker.
118.40 these school are general a new form of going to a private or public school but they tend to use new teaching methods

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