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The website you are enjoying (7)
Surname of Ward, June or Wally; a heavy knife used by butchers (7)
In exactly the same words; word for word (8)
A schedule listing when certain events are expected to take place (9)
'_______' are the meek....... (7)
Certain drugs which have a soothing, calming, tranquilizing effect (9)
A passenger or freight-carrying ship; a body tube containing blood (6)
When a stadium or venue is at capacity with paying customers (7)
Candid or bold in speech; blunt; frank; forthright (9)
A shelter for our dogs and cats when we go on vacation (6)
Wrestling move - can be half or full (6)
An image produced by high-frequency sound waves to see internal organs, or our new baby on the way! (8)
A development that complicates a situation; 'there could be serious _________' (13)
Beginning; start (5)
An establishment of people in a newly colonized region (10)
A group of friends, paid attendants or associates who accompany celebrities (9)
A list of programs or things to be considered or completed; politicians have these (7)
The panel below the windshield of a vehicle containing dials and gauges (9)
Demanding great effort or labor; difficult to do (7)
A judgment to eject, remove or force out a person, such as a tenant or corporate officer (6)
Very good; fine; splendid (8)
Any of the genus of tropical shrubs, trees and climbing plants of the mulberry family; often grown indoors (5)
A practice followed by people of a particular group or region; common tradition (6)
A light axe formerly used as a tool or weapon, usually associated with Native American Indians (8)
Not graceful; ungainly; clumsy (7)

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