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Former Monkee - Marcia attempts to have him perform at her school dance. He eventually agrees to appear if Marcia will be his date.Davy Jones
NFL quarterback famous for his guarantee of a victory before Super Bowl III. He visits Bobby because he was told that Bobby has a terminal illness.Joe Namath
Hawaiian singer who meets Cindy, Peter, and Bobby in Honolulu.Don Ho
Los Angeles Dodger pitcher who attempts to bring Greg back to reality after Greg professes his dream of being a professional baseball player.Don Drysdale
Most famous for his horror film roles. He played an untrusting, villainous professor (Hubert Whitehead) in the last two of the three Hawaii episodes.Vincent Price
Actor/singer whose parents were 'the Ricardos'. Marcia's diary gets mixed in with books for a charity drive, and Marcia fears that someone will find out she has a crush on him.Desi Arnaz Jr.
Thurston Howell on Gilligan's Island. In the Grand Canyon episodes he played an old man who thinks the Brady's are stealing his gold claim and locks them in a ghost town jail.Jim Backus
Actress best known for 'Your Show of Shows' with Sid Caesar. She played Aunt Jenny. After seeing a childhood photo of Aunt Jenny, Jan fears she will grow up to look like her.Imogene Coca
Actress best known as Eunice 'Lovie' Wentworth Howell on Gilligan's Island. She played an eccentric client of Mike.Natalie Schafer
Dodger 1st baseman whose girlfriend is Greg's math teacher. A crush on her makes Greg unable to concentrate. He promises Greg 2 tickets to Opening Day if he gets an A on his test.Wes Parker
Actor who worked with Robert Reed on the 1960's show 'The Defenders' (he played lawyer Lawrence Preston). He appeared in one Brady episode as Marcia's principal.E.G. Marshall
NASA Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 astronaut who appeared as himself as the guest on a talk show discussing UFOs. He signed autographs for Peter and Bobby after the talk show.James McDivitt

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