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Earlier TerminologyNew TerminologyIntroduced By
Commutative Group [Algebra]Weber, 1882
Calculus Summatorius ('the calculus of summation') [Analysis]J.Bernoulli, 1690
Negative Squares [Foundations]Various, ca. 1685
Skew Product [Foundations]Gibbs, 1909
Faculty [Foundations]Arbogast, ca. 1800
Zahlenkörper ('body of numbers') [Algebra]Moore, 1893
Fluxion [Analysis]Lagrange, 1772
Proper value/vector [Algebra]Hilbert, ca. 1900
Continued Fraction Algorithm [Foundations]Wilson, 1908
Value [Probability]Cramer, 1728
Terminus [Analysis]Newton, 1687
Numeri Artificiales [Foundations]Napier, 1614
Gnomon [Foundations]Philolaus, ca. 425 BC
Variationes or Alternationes [Foundations]Strode, 1678
Schubfachprinzip ('drawer principle') [Foundations]Robinson, 1940
Rectilinear Number [Foundations]Billingsley, 1570
Doctrine of Chances [Probability]De Moivre, 1718
Factorgruppe ('Factor Group') [Algebra]Various, ca. 1890
Prime Confine [Topology]Shoute, 1902
Root Mean Square Error [Probability]Pearson, 1893
Analysis Situs [Topology]Listing, 1847
Rectangular Distribution [Probability]Uspensky, 1937
Sum (of sets) [Foundations]Pierpont, 1912

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