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Can you name the 100 most popular Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of all time according to Yugioh Top Decks?

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No. of DecksNameHint
7486Quick-Play Spell Card, Destroys Spell/Trap
4054Insect-Type Effect Monster, Level 2
2777Normal Trap Card, Destroys and banishes summoned monster
2433Normal Trap Card, Destroys all monsters when a monster is summoned
2142Spellcaster Tuner Monster, Level 1
2108Counter Trap Card, Pay 2000 LP to negate an effect
1975Continuous Trap Card, Target cannot attack or activate effects
1971Quick-Play Spell Card, Flips monster face-down
1967Normal Trap Card, Destroys Spell/Trap and lets you Set your own
1958Normal Trap Card, Destroys all Attack Position monsters when one attacks
1888Normal Spell Card, Allows you to excavate 3 and add 1 of them
1812Winged Beast-Type Effect Monster, Level 1
1806Continuous Trap Card, Neither player can Special Summon
1796Normal Spell Card, Draw 1 and your opponent gains 1000 LP
1758Normal Trap Card, Attacking monster is banished
1702Continuous Trap Card, Negates all other Traps
1606Machine-Type Monster, Level 5
1527Normal Spell Card, Destroys all monsters
1515Normal Spell Card, Destroys all Spell/Traps
1437Sea Serpent-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 4
1432Dragon-Type Synchro Monster, Level 8
1401Normal Trap Card, Bounces a monster
1369Counter Trap Card, Pay half your LP to negate summon or activation
1295Quick-Play Spell Card, Lose 800 ATK and unaffect by Spell/Traps
1294Fiend-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
1263Normal Trap Card, Negates monster effect until the end of the turn and can be activated in grave
1250Dragon-Type Synchro Monster, Level 7
1229Thunder-Type Effect Monster, Level 4
1130Normal Trap Card, Discard 1 to spin a card
1111Normal Trap Card, Guess a card in your opponent's hand or randomly discard
1093Normal Spell Card, Add a Warrior-Type to your hand
1090Continuous Trap Card, Summons monster from grave in attack position
1049Continuous Spell Card, Banished instead of going to grave
1048Normal Spell Card, Destroy and banish a face-down monster
1042Continuous Trap Card, LIGHT monsters have effects negated
1032Counter Trap Card, Negate a monster's effect in hand/grave and banish it
1024Normal Spell Card, Summon monsters from grave while paying 1000 LP for each
1020Normal Spell Card, Summon a monster from either grave
963Warrior-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 4
954Counter Trap Card, Negate and destroy your opponent's special summon
932Fiend-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
909Normal Trap Card, Negates other Traps until end of turn
905Machine-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 7
904Normal Spell Card, Draw 2 and banish 1 DARK
887Continuous Trap Card, Pay 1000 to negate all monster effects
875Machine-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 3
863Aqua-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 4
860Continuous Trap Card, DARK monsters have effects negated
851Dragon-Type Synchro Monster, Level 8
848Continuous Spell Card, Fire Fist Spell Card
No. of DecksNameHint
848Dragon-Type Effect Monster, Level 7
839Normal Spell Card, Destroy opponent's monster with highest DEF
834Beast-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 4
830Zombie-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
822Normal Spell Card, Take control of a monster but cannot attack or be tributed
819Dragon-Type Effect Monster, Level 7
914Dragon-Type Effect Monster, Level 7
806Aqua-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 3
800Dragon-Type Effect Monster, Level 7
795Spellcaster-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 7
790Quick-Play Spell Card, Either change a battle position or take control of a monster
786Fiend-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 4
768Aqua-Type Effect Monster, Level 6
752Warrior-Type Synchro Monster, Level 8
745Counter Trap Card, Negate trap and return it to Deck
693Continuous Trap Card, Pay 1000 LP to negate banished and graveyard monster effects
689Fiend-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 4
679Machine-Type Synchro Monster, Level 5
678Normal Spell Card, Shuffle 5 monsters and draw 2
640Normal Spell Card, Send monster from Deck to grave
631Continuous Trap Card, Players can only control one Type of monster
629Normal Spell Card, Pay 800 to take control of a monster
626Normal Spell Card, Banish a level 7 to draw 2
615Plant-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 4
596Spellcaster-Type Effect Monster, Level 4
588Continuous Trap Card, Mermail Trap Card
584Normal Trap Card, Destroy attacking monster
582Pyro-Type Effect Monster, Level 4
582Normal Spell Card, Discard Destiny HERO to draw 2
580Beast-Warrior-Type Effect Monster, Level 4
579Aqua-Type Effect Monster, Level 4
577Spellcaster-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
576Machine-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
574Warrior-Type Synchro Monster, Level 6
568Warrior-Type Synchro Monster, Level 8
567Aqua-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
567Normal Trap Card, Artifact Trap Card
565Dragon-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 3
561Normal Trap Card, Destroy all Spell/Traps when monster attacks
559Fish-Type Effect Monster, Level 4
554Dragon-Type Effect Monster, Level 7
550Normal Trap Card, Look at opponent's hand and return a monster to deck
548Aqua-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
547Quick-Play Spell Card, Summons 4 tokens
545Fairy-Type Effect Monster, Level 5
540Dragon-Type Xyz Monster, Rank 7
538Sea Serpent-Type Effect Monster, Level 3
537Beast-Type Effect Monster, Level 2
528Continuous Trap Card, Players can only control one Attribute
517Aqua-Type Effect Monster, level 7

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