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Holy______,it's like I'm traveling with a child.Ethan Tremblay
_____, you were like a father to me.Ethan Tremblay
My father loved _____ and in the end he was enjoyed as _____Ethan Tremblay
JK. ___. HI. Hop inEthan Tremblay
Well you really should have ______ last night. Cause I had a glorious orgasm and I slept like a baby.Ethan Tremblay
It's closing time, time to roll down to ______ and eat with my ******* boys.Lonnie
I have __friends on facebook. twelve of them are pending but I got __ friendsEthan Tremblay
It's a medical apparatus. I have ______.Ethan Tremblay
QuoteMissing WordSaid by...
You better ____ yourslf before you wreck yourself.Ethan Tremblay
I have never! In my __ years.Ethan Tremblay
'Why is your father in a coffee can?' 'Because he's ____ Peter'Peter & Ethan
'Didi you use the restroom?' 'Good point I need to take a ____ ____'Peter & Ethan
Hand me that ____ and i will cut it in halfPeter
If your allergic to ______ then don't eat ______.Peter
Have you ever seen the movie ________ _______? He ran across the U.S. and he was pretty stupid. I have faith in you.A Man

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