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Can you name the reworded song titles (2009-2010)?

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Reworded TitlesSongArtist
An off-white colored early evening
No Longer Here
Utilize a person of unknown identity
An area of hostile opposition
A number of which is indicated by subtracting 986 from 1001
A disappointment in love involving a hostile encounter
Hello, woman who is also an offspring of my parents and is linked to me through a spiritual body part
The sound one hears from a time piece when in a hurry
An expression indicating pleasure
Approach and gain altitude
Doubling up is more advantageous than being alone
Repeat audio sounds
Atrocious Liaison
Flintstone's hometown
I have a compulsion for your companionship at the current time
Reworded TitlesSongArtist
Exist as if you soon won't
I have an emotional sensation
Diddly squat atop a person that is not me
An accounting term for the point where income and expenses are equal
A game of chance residing in a country located in both Asia and Europe
Lampyridae is the scientific name of...
Provided that you simply were aware
Highly poisonous
A sequence of single-digit numbers
At some unspecified future date
Youthful for an uncountable amout of time
At no time shall you be unaccompanied
Is the memory located in your cerebrum?
Situated inside my cranium

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