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Organisms that breed together to produce fertile offspring
Organisms of the same species in a defined area
All the populations in a defined area
A community plus the non-living environment
The climate of a small, specific place within an area as contrasted with the climate of the entire area
Any inherited feature that increases the chances that an organism will survive and reproduce
The role or way of life of an organism in a community
The ability of an organism to withstand variation in environmental conditions
Population number divided by area of a habitat
The way in which individual are spread throughout an area
The number of organisms of different ages
Birth Rate
Death Rate
The chances of remaining alive
Environmental constraints that limits the growth of an organism or population
Vertical layers of plant species seen in forests
Bands or zones of species distributions seen as a result of a gradient in some environmental factor
Change in species composition of a community with time
Interactions between member of the same species
Interactions between member of different species
Relationship between two organisms in which both are harmed
Relationship between two organisms in which both benefit
Act in which animals (predators) kill other animals (prey)
Relationship in which one organism (the parasite) lives and feeds off another living organism (the host) harming it
The feeing level of an organism (e.g Producer)
Organism that can make its own food from simple inorganic substances
Organisms that eats other organisms in order to obtain energy and nutrients
An animal that feeds on plant matter
An organism that feeds on animal matter
An animal that consumes both plant and animal material
Organisms that break down dead plant and animal material
Animals that feed on material killed by other animals

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