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Another Incarnation of one of J.Z.'s main bandsZevulun, The Circle Maker (1998, Tzadik)
Quite obscure project with Bill Laswell and Tatsuya NakamuraSame Title (2003, WildDisk)
Another Incarnation of one of J.Z.'s main bandsAt the Mountains of Madness (2005, Tzadik)
Very experimental and improvised music by J.z. Mike Patton and Ikue Mori Same Title (2002, Tzadik)
A one-off band with J.z. Arto Lindsay and Anton FierThe 3rd cds of one of the series below (2003, Tzadik)
One of the main bands of J.Z. in which he explores Jewish musicZayin (1996, DIW)
Another (Acoustic) Incarnation of one of J.Z.'s main bandsIssachar, The Circle Maker (1998, Tzadik)
Supergroup (Baron, Dunn, Patton, J.Z. and more)Ipsissimus (2010, Tzadik)
J.Z. and Yamatsuka Eye's bandZohar (1995, Tzadik)
J.Z. most famous band, they played a mix of jazz and grindcoreRadio (1993, Avant)
Another supergroup that mixes jazz, grindcore, ambient and dub.Buried Secrets (1992, Earache)
Supergroup (J.Z., Cochrane, Patton, Spruance, Winant)Same Title (1998, Avant)
This series of album are the result of a month of concerts held by different bands for a specific reason.J.Z. The Classic Guide To Strategy Volume Three (2004, Tzadik)
A musical composition completed in 1984, played by bands with the same name as the composition itself.Live at the Knitting Factory (1992, Knitting Factory)
Series of composition used in short movies and suchEl General (2009, Tzadik)
Three 'compilation' volumes (so far) that share the samic topicTaboo & Exile (1999)
A long series with different musicians playing J.Z.'s composition from something that gives the title to each album.J.Z. and Klezmerson - Amon (2015)
An actual supergroup band of frequent collaborators of J.Z.O'o (2009, Tzadik)
Carol Emanuel, Bill Frisell, and Kenny Wollesen playing J.Z.'s composition.Transmigration of the Magus (2014, Tzadik)
The first series of Game Pieces written by Zorn and played with a variety of musicians, the name comes from the first label.Lacrosse (1977, Re-released on Tzadik as a box in 1997)

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