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Season 4supernaturalSupernatural
The angel that grabs Dean out of hell.
The actor who plays that angel.
The Demon who is a friend of the brothers.
What ghosts do Sam and Dean confront in 'Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester?'
What is the supernatural being the brothers fight in the episode 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester'
Who writes the Supernatural books?
The psychic the brothers see in episode one.
Name of the demon who tortured Dean in Hell
The angel who fell from grace
The third Winchester brother
Season 4supernaturalSupernatural
The monster they hunt in 'Jump the Shark'
What 'monster' kills the nightguard in the episode 'Monster Movie'?
Who does Sam kill in 'Lucifer Rising'?
What do the Winchester brothers fight in 'Family Remains'?
The person who releases Sam from Bobby's panic room
The first episode Dean goes back in time.
The song Dean sings along to in 'Yellow Fever'
How does Sam die in 'Wishful thinking'?
What was different about the episode 'Monster Movie'?
The car the brothers drive

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