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2015 is happening. Stuff happened, but what?

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Forced Order
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Who won the IC Title on the first Raw of 2015?
Who was #30 in the 2015 Royal Rumble?
Who was the oldest entrant?
Who made their first Royal Rumble match appearance despite debuting in WWE in 1999?
The 2015 Royal Rumble saw an angry crowd response, where was it?
What brothers fought at FastLane?
Who failed to capture the IC Title at FastLane
Who was the only Japanese inductee in this year's Hall Of Fame?
Who inducted The Bushwhackers?
On the pre-show, which celebrity gave a modern version of the great 'Hard Times' promo?
Who was first eliminated in this year's Andre The Giant Battle Royal?
NXT was represented in that match, by who?
DX and nWo both interfered in Triple H vs Sting, but who had the biggest gap between Wrestlemania appearances
Which commentator called Seth Rollins' cash in the 'heist of the century'?
Who was the first person to take up the John Cena US Open Challenge?
And the second?
Who made their return the night after Wrestlemania in the first match on Raw?
Who debuted defeating Curtis Axel?
On the post-show for that Raw, who interrupted Sting?
What is the longest match of the year so far?
Who was the 'gatekeeper'?
Rusev switched alleigence from Russia to which nation?
Who did Bret Hart introduce to take up John Cena's US Open Challlenge?
NXT now, who did Sacha Banks retain against at Unstoppable?
Rhyno is now in NXT, what other former champion fought Finn Balor at NXT?
Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are ecorted by whom?
Kevin Owens beat John Cena in his WWE debut match, but who did he beat in his NXT debut match?
Who was first out in the Tag Team Title Chamber match?
Who became the new head trainer of NXT?
Who is currently the longest reigning champion in all of WWE/NXT?

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