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Can you name the female League of Legend champion based on the short, sometimes suggestive description?

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Forced Order
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She's cold, but she makes it look hot
I don't think you have a chance here. Angels are supposed to remain pure
She's from a higher class yet can't cease to stop chasing 'black magic'
She will take care of you only if you accept her. Otherwise her friend will tear you apart
She will reward you for being good, and 'punish' for being a bad boy
A woman with a birdie
She's a fallen angel, so she probably doesn't have to stay pure
She's a reptilian, but she has mammaries. Oh and her eyes are just stunning!
She's a mercenary and will probably do just anything for a right price
She' crazy and likes to blow stuff up. Pray it won't be your stuff
It's a bird that can give birth to itself. Cool stuff
She believes only in true strength so you better show some stamina with her
They say she's in a relationship but her boyfriend is probably gay anyway
Her spell for enlarging things might come in handy
Her blades aren't the only things that can be bouncing
Come on, try your luck
Did she mention it's mating season?
Even if you don't want it, she will make you love her
Don't worry she doesn't bite. At least not in human form
I've seen enough hentai to see where this is going
Her big gauntlets might proof useful during sexy time
There's no chance on beating her 1v1. She can handle a baguette like a champ.
I hope her creator decided to add all of the features
She will make all your nurse fantasies come true
Once you bound with her, you never go back
She handles bananas pretty well
She's really worth that $2.95 a minute
Your life bar is not the only thing that she can make dissappear
Little creature that is looking for something in your pocket
The moon is not the only thing that is rising
She's neither a fish nor a human, but she still looks hot
She might be a little to young to try anything with her yet
She can service you and you won't even see it, nor her, coming
She's mute, but her mouth might still have some functions
The circumstances of her birth raises few question. Like how did her parents do 'it'?
She used to be hideous but then she took a rework to the face
How that thing even works? Does it lay eggs or give birth? Does she smells her partner or maybe just feel him?
I think I can become a treehugger for her
Prolonged staring will result in broken nails and other parts
She perfected the art of handling balls
The more people are around, the more she can take on her.
She's married, back off.
A furious battle bunny that can blow wind and more
She keeps her furry cuffs only for bad boys

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