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Industrialization; world revolution
Anti-revisionism; cult of personality; 'military first'
electoral process; gradualism
Anti-revisionism; cult of personality; Albania was one true communist state
little or no state
proletarian revolution; dictatorship of the proletariat until stateless communism reached; abolition of private property and industry
emphasis on trade unions; named after US theorist
workers' councils
Anti-revisionism; cult of personality; peasants are vehicles of revolution
Power in Soviets; vanguard party; anti-imperialism
workers' sovereignty; methods of attaining communist goals are determined by individual countries
Third Positionist
Latin American nationalism; anti-imperialism
sometimes the ideology of national liberation movements
Anti-revisionism; cult of personality; socialism in one country
little or no state; emphasis on trade unions
electoral process; gradualism; mixed economy; state ownsership of some industries
Anti-authoritarianism; named after German would-be revolutionary

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