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QUIZ: Can you answer the assorted questions about Pokemon X/Y?

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Gen VI introduced what new pokemon type?
The Kalos region is based off of which country?
Who is your dance obsessed rival?
Second evolution for the grass starter Chespin?
Electric move with 20 base power and 100% chance to paralyze?
Normal type special move with 140 base power?
Fairy type that can only be found Female?
Which pokemon's mega turned it into an Electric/Dragon type?
Fire/Normal type introduced?
A pokemon that can get multiple styles from a shop in Lumiose?
Mega Kangaskhan's exclusive ability?
The Talonflame family's exclusive ability?
Diantha's lowest level team member?
Poison/Water type Skrelp is exclusive to what version?
Places Binacle is found?
At what level does Espurr learn fake out? (XY)
What type was the 7th gym?
At level 45 what non-damaging electric move does Helioptile learn?
What 'subtitle' is Route 1 given?
The player is given what mode of transport before the first gym?
What ability was added to prevent a pokemon and its allies from falling asleep?
Bug/Flying type with the national dex number of 666
Ghost/Grass type with national dex number 708
Ramos's highest level team member?
In an early gameplay screenshot, Froakie can be seen using a water type move on which pokemon?

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