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What Date Did Flight Oceanic 815 Crash?
Who Loves Peanut Butter?
With How Many Minutes Left Does The Alarm Sound?
Who's Your Favorite Character?
Who Breaks John Lockes Back?
Name of Ship on Island?
Who Originally Said Thats Why the Sox Will Never Win The Series?
What Year Did The Ajira Plane Go to The Island?
In The Alternate Timeline What Was Jacks Sons Name?
How Does Sawyers Letter Start?
What Does Kate Want From The Marshalls Suitcase
Who Kills Anthony Cooper?
What Year Does Desmond Flash to In 'The Constant'
Who Kills Jacob?
Which Two Kill The Smoke Monster?
How Many People Die Inside 'The Looking Glass' Station
Mikhail Died Outside 
Desmond Worked For Who In The Flash Sideways?
Who Broke The Glass Ballerina?

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