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History of England and the English Language?

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Forced Order
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After Henry VIII died, _______ became king
The Normans were lead by ______________
During the Dark Ages, England is _____________(religion)
The Normans spoke ___________
Who had the Queen of Scots imprisoned and killed
During the Medieval England, there was the 100 Years War with _________
How old is Elizabeth I when she becomes Queen
What is the name of the Queen of Scots
Mary is known as __________
Who did Shakespeare marry?
After the Romans left, England was invaded by the _________ tribes
During the Medieval England, the aristocrats spoke
The printing press was invented in
The rise of the Renaissance was under the ....
During the Medieval England, the common folk spoke
England was invaded by the __________ in 1066
The hybrid of Norman French, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon/Germanic was called '_____ English'
Mary: Daughter of ________
During the Medieval England, the Catholic Church was very
The first empire to invade England was the _________
Who was the most famous member of the Gunpower Plot
James I / VI, while returning from his honeymoon with his Scandinavian bride, blamed ______ for his boat almost sinking
Which country was always ahead of England in Fashion/Discoveries/ Architecture
After Edward died, _______ became queen
The last time England was invaded was at the Battle of _______
Henry VIII wants to divorce __________
Elizabeth: Daughter of ____________
It was _______ The Great who brought England together
Mary was known for burning ____________
The combination of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon/Germanic is called '___________ English'
Who fails to maintain balance between England and Scotland
The name of another Germanic tribe is: S____
Who combined Scotland's flag with England's flag (commissioned the Union Jack)
Henry VIII forms the ________ Church to oppose the Pope
During the Medieval England, the clergy spoke
The Romans in England spoke _______
When Mary becomes queen, she makes the practicing religion in England ___________
Under who's rule did the Gunpower Plot occur
When the ______Empire collapsed, they left, leaving England vulnerable
Mary: Mother was from __________
England's original language was ______
Elizabeth's religion
Who appoints several Scotsmen in high positions when he becomes King
During the Medieval England, the printing press was invented by
Edward VI: Son of ___________
It is ___________ who establishes balance between Protestants and Catholics
When Mary dies, Elizabeth changes the English religion to
The decline of the Renaissance period is under the _______
St _____________'s monks copied the Bible by hand during the Dark Ages
Under which king/queen did England become a commonwealth under the rule of Parliament
During the Medieval England, the ______ plague was common
Under James, England and Scotland went through an _____ Crisis, which Shakespeare used for his plays
Who was the father of Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward
How long was Mary imprisoned for?
The name of one Germanic tribe is: A____
The height of the Renaissance period was under
Mary's religion
When James I/VI becomes King, he appoints Shakespeare as a
The Anglo-Saxons drove out the Celts to:
The original name for England was
What religion were the people of the Gunpower Plot
When the King/Queen owns land and the commoners rent it out, it is called
After Mary died, _________ became queen
Under who's monarchy did a civil car erupt?
Pope Gregory sent St _____________ to settle in Canterbury
The first written poem is:
When was the Renaissance Period?
After Elizabeth died _________ became king
England was originally inhabited by the _____
The Romans ruled England for over _____ years

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