Which one is it (K or C)?

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Can you name the letter that each word starts with between K or C?

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Word with K or CK or C
Kare or Care
Kimono or Cimono
Kiwi or Ciwi
Khrysalis or Chrysalis
Koi or Coi
Kill or Cill
Krill or Crill
Kadet or Cadet
Keppi or Ceppi
Katastrophe or Catastrophe
Word with K or CK or C
Kolonel or Colonel
Krab or Crab
Kelp or Celp
Krane or Crane
Ketchup or Cetchup
Korythosaurus or Corythosauras
Kilo or Cilo
Kansas or Cansas
Kazoo or Cazoo
Koypu or Coypu

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