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Can you name the lyrics to Epic Rap Battle of Manliness by R&L?

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I was born 
A gleam in my eye 
I cut my own umbilical cord 
Then I drove home while my mom rode on 
I didn't go through puberty, 
And it was never even awkward 
If you addressed a letter to Man 
Rest assured I'd receive it 
My time is too 
I'll be too busy 
You're a 
I was born 
And adopted by wolves, 
I didn't drink milk, I suckled the fangs 
I killed the first man that I met 
I potty-trained myself 
I smell like charcoal 
And was the best man 
Search Google Images 
Feel free to Photoshop your face 
Creative Commons, 
Meanwhile I'll be adjusting 
I rise before the sun 
I bathe with sandpaper 
I shave with a box-cutter 
'Cause if I look in the mirror 
I got no need for sleep 
I tie fishing lures while I memorize 
The sun comes up 
Then I trim my nose hairs 
I'm manly 'cause I'm so handy 
I built a hobbit house for a homeless man 
My kids' jungle gym 
And I modified my garden hose 
I'm handy too, I rerouted my bathroom exhaust fan 
My right incisor's 
I made my sundeck into a holodeck 

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