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Car used in Green Hornet Special
Dry baseballs go farther then ____
Type of Explosive used to destroy the Tree Cannon
1000 bees can not lift a ____
Putting ____ in your engine will destroy it
Main Myth of 1st episode ever
Final Gun used in Bullet Proof Water
In the episode Bullets Fired Up how far did the bullets go into the ground?
Mythbusters proved that a ____ can not split a car in half
Lbs. of Force it took to Separate the Phone books
Using a ____ while pumping fuel will not destroy the gas station
Name of the Mythbusters Shop
The Myth of the _____ ft. Fall
Make and Model of Car used in Beating the Speed Camera
____ will increase your pain tolerance
A ______ Bagel can skew a drug test
Length of Bridge in Duct Tape Hour 2
Lbs. of Explosives in Cement Truck Explosion
Frozen Mix Of Sawdust and Water

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