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Forced Order
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I've seen it done a million times.
Are sure you don't want any of this delicious jam?
Here's the last message you'll ever have to skywrite. 'Wait until dark'
Which are you gonna believe me or your own eyes
Tell him to mind his manners or I'll break what he has of a neck.
Wake up and smell the war paint, lady, they want to dice up our livestock and shanghai our women
Your to blame and your to blame and you and you and especially you, (Name) I'm going to send for my firing squad
Let me show you to my very best table, it's the one I reserve for headhunters.
Fire at will. No do not fire at Will he is my second mate.
My boys'll blast those lead zeppelins to kingdom come
Do you want the good news or the bad news... fine gas prices went higher.
Jealous, of an emptyheaded bombshell with a body that could stop a moose at 50 paces.
What's this doing here. A Smith & Wesson oil double barreled harpoon those things are illegal.
I only desire money and power. Unpresentable employees provide me neither.
Mantis Lady is stealing secret documents.
Don't worry folks, it's all part of the show.
Count your blessings. This time, I do nothing. But when next we meet... Beware!
It will take more than a chair to stop me.
I have not yet begun to fight.
Fighters at 4 O'clock, dinner at 8, news at 11
I'm not afraid of you Don Garbage; watch who you're calling useless
How could you, of all the idiotic, stupid, imbecilic, moronic things to do
I may not be as smart as your mom, or Baloo, or even that judge... in fact I'm not but I do know that you gotta have imagination.
Stop laughing at me.
I know sir and I never miss a chance not to listen to [Broadcast Sally] too.

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