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Contestant must flip 2-12 pencils off the back of the hand and catch them
Contestant must grab 5 bags of the ground of different heights using only their mouths
Contestant must stack 7 ding-dongs on their forehead
Contestant must get three balls in a row on a 3 x 3 set of cups by bouncing them into the cups
Contestant must place a lampshade on their head using a fishing rod and they are blindfolded
Contestant must stack 10 bolts, on a chopstick, on a steady table
Contestant must blow three cherries hanging on strings into their mouth
Contestant must keep 3 balloons in the air for 1 minute
Contestant must pick up six pieces of penne pasta from the table, using only an uncooked strand of spaghetti in their mouth
Contestant must toss one water bottle onto a table so that it lands upright 5 feet away
Contestant must shake 8 ping pong balls out of a tissue box attached to the waist
Contestant must toss one shoe onto a table using only his or her foot
Contestant must skip a quarter off a table and land it in a 5-gallon jar
Contestant must retrieve 2 pennies at the bottom of a panty hose
Contestant must blow three ping pong balls from one water-filled cup to another
Contestant must carry two eggs on inverted plates across the stage from one set of platforms to the other
Contestant must unroll 2 rolls of party streamers using only their arms and hands
Contestant must stack 36 cups in a pyramid form and then take it down back into a single stack of cups
Contestant must balance 2 eggs on 2 bulbs
Contestant must inflate a standard balloon, then release the air in a controlled fashion to blow a series of cups off a table
Contestant must inch a red cup upwards and back down to the bottom of the stack by sending 39 blue cups upwards
Contestant remove a small box of raisins from under an overturned empty glass bottle without tiping it over
Contestant must roll an egg 15 feet using a pizza box as a fan
Contestant must use a spray-bottle of water to transport a balloon across the stage into a trash can
Contestant must stack 10 bolts, on a chopstick, on a table they are holding
Contestant must grab 2 balls from 4 posts blind folded
Contestant must swing their head around in an attempt to retract a forehead mounted Slinkie
Contestant must pull a one dollar bill from between the mouths of two glass bottles without knocking them over
Contestant must use spoons to catapult other spoons into cups
Contestant must stack 15 cans and 4 paper plates
Contestant must use a broom to knock an egg on a toilet-paper tube on a pie tin into a glass below by hitting the tin
Contestant must pull all the tissues out of 2 boxes
Contestant must pull all of the tissues out of the box
Contestant must seperate cards according to their number
Contestant must get 125 jerks using a pedometer atached to their head
Contestant must launch a ping pong ball 15 feet into a bucket using a blanket
Contestant must remove a one-dollar bill trapped between 5 quarters on the edge of a drinking glass
Contestant must turn off a series of touch lights using bean bags
Contestant must blow a standard deck of cards off a bottle, but leave the bottom card, the joker
Contestant must fish out a pretzel and eat it using a rod
Contestant must deliver 16-18 candies to its specified location
Contestant must roll ping pong balls down a ramp with double sided tape on the bottom and must get several balls to stand on the tape
Contestant must use a pulley constructed from string and pencils around their ears to raise a platform with candies and eat them
Contestant must bounce one ping-pong ball onto a piece of bread, covered with peanut butter, and get it to stick there
Contestant must use petroleum jelly on their nose to transfer five cotton balls from one bowl to another
Contestant must use their facial muscles to move two cookies to their mouth
Contestant must roll an egg and pick up 3 stickers
Contestant must get 500 clicks from 4 pedometers attached to the body
Contestant must launch a marshmellow into a cup using a broom
Contestant must roll a marble down a yard stick and get it in the hole

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