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A Fruit
The name of the elf in the movie Elf
The capital of Germany
The ting in your skull that makes you think
The name of the alien father in My Parents are Aliens
You can build sandcastles here
A small child younger than a toddler
a animal with wings and a type of 1 is a Raven
The woman who won Dancing on Ice 2011 Sam and _____________
A type of pork you have sometimes in sandwiches
a sport similar to Tennis played with a Shuttlecock
a Instrument known to be played alot in Scotland
No hair on top of your head
a type of dance where the girls who dance it wear TuTus
A shop / building where you can save / keep or take out money from
the wood on tree stumps
The monster in Harry Potter which if you look into its eyes it kills you
A animal which sleeps upside down and is nocturnal
Hair which people grow on thier chins
A drink you can buy in a pub
Our bodys are filled with it - if you cut yourself this will come out
Where people sleep in thier room at night
Where people gather to eat and where people fry sausages etc outside
Holy book Christians read
Another word for Tummy
A colour - the sky is this colour
If someone cannot see
Soemthing you read
A type of shoe which normally goes higher up your leg
Opposite to top
Another word for Purchase
not girl but the opposite
What the inside of a sandwich is supported by
Large , Heavy block like things which you normally build a wall with and stick together with cement
Something you might use to cross over a river
Something you might use to make your hair look nice or to bruch your teeth
A trumpet is this kind of Instrument
If you get 3rd Place in soemthing then you will most likely get this coloyr medal
The sport in the Harry Potter books (Quidditch) is played on this
Circular things you could hang on your christmas tree
If you have a certain amount of money to buy something you are on a ....
__________ Knowles who is married to Jay Z
People might catch this public vehicle and pay to get somewhere
Your skeleton is made up of these

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