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CluesName Of CharactorInfo
____________ Potter His Parents killed by when he was young
_____ Potter's Best FriendLives a house called The Burrow
Owns a cat called CrookshanksOne of her parents is a Muggle
He Killed _______ Potter's ParentsIs the Leader of all Dark Wizards
Is Head of the House GryffindorIs the teacher of Transfiguration
His Best Friends are _____ Goyle and ________ CrabbeWas the Prefect of Slytherin in the 6th Year
Taught Defence against te dark arts in Year 6Taught Potions for 5 Years
He was the Headteacher of Hogwarts______ Snape Killed Him on his command
Went to the Yule Ball With _______ ChangHim and ______ Potter both got to the Triwizard Cup
Commentates the Hogwarts Quiddich MatchesHis Best Friends were Fred and George Weasley
He works in the mysterys of Muggle Artifacts department of the Ministry of MagicIs Married to Molly Weasley
______ Granger used PolyJuice Potion to transform into her to get a cup out of her Gringotts VaultEnjoys Killing people ALOT
He Owns a Dog called Fang Hagrid Is Half Giant
She is Married to Bill WeasleyCame 4th in the Tri - Wizard Tournament
He Faked Mad Eye Moody with a PotionIs the son of Barty Crouch Snr
He can Transfigure Himself into a ArmchairGave Liquid Luck to Harry as a prize for the best potion
Has Worked at the Ministry and HogwartsHad the job of Hogwarts High Inquisitor
House Elf which belonged the Sirius Black and His FamilyHelp _______Potter , __________ Granger and _________ Weasley find the Horcrux Locket
2 House Elfs found him and got him to tell ________Potter where the Locket wasHe Apparated off his broom when flying to ___ Potter safe house when he saw Lord Voldemort
She went out with _____ Potter She and Harry went to a quite Team Room in Hogsmeade

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