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What is Ash's partner?Believe it or not he got ______ because heslept in late! Different trainers already got all the starters. XD
What are the starter Pokemon in the Hoenn Region?Ash picked Treeko as his starter.
Who was Ash's first rival?______ picked Squirtle as his starter.
Who thinks all trainers from the Kanto region are 'boonies'?____ was the first trainer Ash battled in the Unova region.
Who is the 5th gym leader in Sinnoh region?Hmmm.... Oh I know in Pokemon Platinum Version he also meets you at Stark Mountain as well as being a gym leader.
Where in Pokemon HG/SS where can you catch Mewtwo?Trust me Mewtwo is almost immpossible to catch so don't even try.
In Pokemon Emerald where do you start the game?LOL This is the funniest starting place ever!
What is the name of the Unova regions starting town?In Pokemon B/W you have 2 rivals! not 1!
How many differences are there between Black and White?This game has more differences than you would think.
What was the first Pokemon Ash ever caught?Oh My Gosh this is like the most common Pokemon in Virdinan Forest!
How did Ash become friends with Misty and May?Wow... just Wow....
Did I make a code that answers everything immediatly?Hint: The code is related to The Legend of Zelda

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