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Actor who plays Peeta
First book he appears in
Author of the book(s)
Final book he appears in
Name of the country he lives in
District that is his home
Industry of his home district
Family occupation
Hair color
Eye color
Favorite color
Age at the start of the books
Number of siblings
Girl he's loved since the age of 5
'Gift' he throws to her as a starving 11-year-old
Number of Hunger Games at the start
District escort who announces the names
Name of the event for picking tributes
Female who was first picked as the tribute
Peeta's Hunger Games mentor
Peeta's Hunger Games stylist
Score that he gets from the Gamemakers
Main type of defense
Group of tributes Peeta joins with
Their nickname for Peeta
Fruit berries that Peeta picks
Tribute accidentally killed by Peeta
Tribute who injures Peeta
'Gift' at the feast left for Peeta

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