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HintPlayerYear Inducted
I was a receiver in the 30s and 40s. Driver, Sharpe, Jennings, Nelson, and Cobb? I still have more TDs than them all!1963
I was a passing QB when rushing was king. Despite playing in 3 Big Games, I never won it all. Isn't that incredible?1986
I was an all-pro DB for the Giants in the 50s. After my playing days, I did a little coaching.1990
You thought Joe was Mean? Quarterbacks never wanted to see me staring back at them from my MLB position.1990
I only played five years in the NFL, but my 'Crue' and I won four straight AAFC titles in the 40s. Some say I was better than that Jim Brown guy.1968
I was often called just a 'system' WR, but Coach Joe just said to go out there and catch everything. I did, 940 times, in the 80s and 90s.2008
My given name was Bronislau, but you know me better by my nickname. That and last name would've gotten me into the Hall by themselves.1963
I was a running 'Diesel' before Shaq, but I won't hog it for myself. If you're stressing about my name, take my advice: 'Lighten up, Sandy baby!'1992
HintPlayerYear Inducted
I'm just an average fella with a short name, but everything I touched flew a long way. Have they fixed the Dome scoreboard yet? 2014
Although I may look like an insurance salesman (which I also was), I was a 2-time MVP and the first QB to reach 30,000 career yards.1971
Officially, I registered ZERO sacks in my career. Yet I'm in the Hall of Fame. Isn't that a slap to the head?1980
For 21 years I kicked for the same team, but I'm also proud of my work on the offensive line. And do you have an award named after yourself? I doubt it.1974
I played 16 years, then had to wait nearly 20 more to get inducted. Glad the letter wasn't intercepted first.1998
My height (6-7) accounts for my nickname, but I only delivered hits, not babies. 1990
I played ten years for the same franchise as my better known namesake, and became the 6th tight end inducted to the Hall.2007

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