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Can you name the things at the bowling alley

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Where the ball comes back from after you have rolled a ball
Knock down all pins on first ball
Knock down all pins on second ball
Heaviest weight of ball you can find -pounds
The rubber dividers that prevents people from throwing it in the canal
The canal at each side of the lane
Dont knock down all the pins in 2 balls
A team event that you can find most likely every day at the bowling alley
The surface you throw the ball on
When you throw the ball high into the air on the lane
What most bowling alleys are made of today
The slippery substance applied to the lane
Mostly at evening time or at parties, the UV/blue lights they have
Type of bowling
Type of bowling
Type of bowling
Type of bowling
The part of the lane you stand on before you deliver a ball
The line that divides the first area and the second area
The balls they provide on the racks

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