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Can you name the Aerosmith song that goes with each opening lyric?

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Opening LyricsSongAlbum
Long ago in days I'm toldDraw The Line
You gave up the love you got and that is factJust Push Play
It ain't easy, livin' like a gypsy.Aerosmith
Checkmate honey, beat you at your own damn gameDraw The Line
[title] livin' in a movie Hot tramp Daddy's little cutiePermanent Vacation
good evening people, welcome to the show Aerosmith
Talk about things and nobody caresToys In The Attic
I'm back [song title]Rocks
1971, we all heard the starters gun Night in the Ruts
Every time I look in the mirrorAerosmith
In the attic lights, voices screamToys In The Attic
Well on a train, I met a dameGet Your Wings
Theres somethin' wrong with the world todayGet a Grip
Lord I must be dreamin'Rocks
We all live on the edge of townAerosmith
Uncle Salty told me stories of a lonely baby with a lonely kind of life to leadToys In The Attic
Backstroke lover always hidin' 'neath the covers Toys In The Attic
workin' like a dog for the boss man (whoa)Pump
It's the dawn of the day. And i'm crashed and i'm smashedDraw The Line
Goin' under, [song title]Rocks
There was a time, when I was so brokenhearted.Get a Grip
You know you drive me up the wallGet a Grip
I could stay awake just to hear your breathingArmageddon (film soundtrack)
I'm alone yeah I don't know if I can face the night Permanent Vacation
Take me back to south TallahasseeRocks
Get yourself cooler, lay yourself lowGet Your Wings

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