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Name all Bad Girls from season 2-12 (Originals Only)

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Hated her friend for changing.
Used to be a married men ****.
Bounce up on it!
Got attacked on Love Games season 2
Thrown across the cement.
Fab 4 leader.
The Instigator
Runs L.A
Ex Heroine Addict
Will Snatch A Bitch.
Attacked production.
Has a sex tape.
Rapper. Marley. Vee.
Thinks Obama is hot
Tougher twin
A twin
Had her bangs snatched off.
Justin Bieber
Showed up with a bodyguard.
Fab 4 and the Ambers don't claim her.
Member of the Fab 4.
Wanted to live the Nunn life.
Usually a host.
Put hot sauce in someones juice.
Bad Girls Club 8. Hates her season.
Where's the bathroom?
Sucks dick to get in the club.
Snow Whites sister.
She loves anal.
Has an egg eating pattern.
Don't talk about her child.
Mexican Princess on Fire.
Hyena #2
Snot Galore
Tattoos whatever her ex made her go through
BGC 2 Rapper.
Quinn. Rapper.
Talks to Allah.
Will wang you.
Hit her friend while drugged.
Scared of the dark.
First red head of BGC.
She's from Nigeria.
Hyena #1
Jersey Bro! Football.
Flipped tables for her friends.
Dislikes wolf monkeys.
Had sex in her church. Threw make up out the window.
Has the voodoo for you.
Don't put her weave in the oven.
Too classy for fighting.
Ms Chi Fly
Kentucky bad girl.
Was served breakfast in bed
Blonde, Tall, Lesbian. Nicknamed Star.
Botox Barbie
Hell On Heels
Baby she's a bad girl.
Anti Bully
Obamas step daughter
Some say she has no edges
Ostrich. Geechie.
Buff Barbie
Has a cheetah tattoo
Quit BGC on Day 1
Irrelevant Stripper
Winner of Bad Girls All Star Battle 2
Gigi's best friend.
Likes walnuts with the chocolate on the outside.
She will slam you.
A felon.
Michael Jackson's soul mate.
Blue Afro
Hates being grouped with her family.
Mobile Belle

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