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Can you name the shows that have aired on Ithaca College Television from 2003-2010?

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StatusProgram TitleFinal/Current Producer(s)
CurrentJoe Pera
Current*Peter Johanns
2010Max Barth, Mark Renaudin
CurrentAndrea Teplitsky
Current*Amy Ginsberg, Jay Salbert
Current*Giovanni Colantoni, Paul Jensen
2010Erik Johanson, Mason Miller
CurrentKatie Miller, Tom Wrede
CurrentNathan Breton, Joe Kileen
CurrentAbby Smith, Melissa Frisco
2010Alex Colby
Current*Bryan Mercer, James Heasley
CurrentJP Mosca, Kelsy Franklin
Current*Amy Wiggins
Current*Rob Hochberg, Dave Reynolds
CurrentRob Hochberg, Dave Reynolds
Current*Katie Miller
2010Tatenda Mbudzi
Seasonal*Katie Miller, Tom Wrede
SeasonalTom Wrede, Colin De'Aeth, Jodi Eisenberg, Katie Miller
SeasonalTom Wrede
Seasonal*Eric Olen, Seth Palmer
SeasonalTom Wrede, Chris Barriere
2009Jake Goldberg, Dan Licata, Jeff Picarello
2009Rob Bowman, Michael Sokol, Jordan Edelstien, Matt Baldovsky
2009*Jeff Picarello
StatusProgram TitleFinal/Current Producer(s)
2009*Alex Spampinato, Carlos Diaz
2009*Nathan Loucks, Jordan Edelstein
2009Ed Pietzak
2009David Reynolds, Andrew Stone, David Pilson
2009Courtney Clark, Rachel Hillerman
c.1984-09Dave Gelb, Mike Puelo, Jordan LittleField
2006-2009*Craig Reid
2009Greg Thompson, Nick Righi
2008-09*Ed Pietzak, Liz Komroy
2009Rob Engelsman, Tucker Ives, David Reynolds
2009Adam Berley
2009*Dan Clark, Eric Licht
2009Ginalola Lowry
2009*Andrea Nejman, Jenna Trojnacki, Silvia Briga
2008-09*Jordan Edelstein, Matt Baldovsky, Michael Sokol, Robert Bowman
2008-09*Zach Capp, Jeff Picarello
2009*Josh Geroge, Andy Hanold
2006-09*J. Wyatt Cain, Danny Gendron
2008Kyle Bosman
2008*Alex Colby
2003-07Jesse Wakeman
2007Sean Brogan, Matt Portman, Zach Capp
2007Megan McNamara, Sara Pleskow
2007Eric Zapakin
2007Evan Engel, Chris Cucci, Peter Berg
c.2007Ben Tietz, Shay Willard
StatusProgram TitleFinal/Current Producer(s)
2006-07Pete Berg
2007Pete Berg
2002-07*Kyle Charters, Eric Olen
2006Matt Farrell
2005-06Heather Barbaria, Lee Sacks
2006Maggie Brockmann
2006Kyle Jamieson, Mike DeHart
2005-06Dave Hall
2004-06Megan Pietroforte
2006Allen DiBenedetto
2006Sona Ram
2006Ryan Regan, Tiffany Casale
2005-06Pete Berg, Mike Wechsler
2005Matt Gogal
2004-05Marc Klein, Ryan Benton
c.2003-05Amy Zeleznock
2004-05Jesse Porter
2005Andrea Adams, Matt Wiener
2004-05Michael Van Buren
2005Rand Geiger
2005Jackie Ariel, Leila Stevens
2005Jesse Porter
2004-05Nate Brown
2003-04Chris Caccioppoli
2003Don Ferlazzo

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