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Can you name the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1997 Balloons?

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What A Wonderful Kind of Day (New Balloon)
Big Orange Legs
Loves Lasagna
Book character created by Beatrix Potter
Spy Cat with iconic theme (Videotape) Last Apperance
Bunny loves to give the peace sign (Videotape)
Lives in your imagnation had a big movie in 1998 (Videotape)
3rd Time Sega Video Game Icon trouble with winds again (2nd Time use 1994 footage) Last Apperance untill 2011
Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, & Spike The Dog are from the TV Show (New Balloon)
This balloon hit lampost & injured a women (Videotape) Last Apperance
Stan Lee's iconic character
Sweedish Party Bull Plush (New Balloon)
Was mentioned by the Annoucer but not on videotape, also a Macy's Original Charcter (New Balloon)
Also mentioned by narrator but not on videotape, Boston's Bear
A Green Guy heart grows 3 times on Christmas Day (New Falloon)
England Bear nammed after a train station returns (Falloon)

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