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Can you name the Railroad names by reporting mark?

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Reporting Mark (name abbreviation)Full NameService Area/Other Info
NSServes Eastern U.S.
CONRAIL or CRFormed from government-forced mergers in the 1970's, merged into NS in 1999
PRRMerged into PC and then CONRAIL in 1976
B & OAbsorbed into CSX, April 1987
KCSFounded 1887, Serves Midwest U.S. and Mexico
CP or CP RailSouthern Canada, Northern U.S.
UPOldest and largest operating railroad in the U.S.
ICAbsorbed into Canadian National in 1998
BNSFFormed in 1996, 2nd largest operating railroad in the U.S.
NWFormed by over 200 mergers 1838-1982, merged to become NS
NHU.S. Northeast, Merged into PC, 1969
Reporting Mark (name abbreviation)Full NameService Area/Other Info
NYCU.S. Northeast, Merged into PC, 1968
PLE or P&LEU.S. Northeast, Merged into CSX, 1993
LVOperated in primarily in PA, absorbed into CONRAIL
WPWestern U.S., Acquired by UP in 1983
RDGOperated primarily in SE PA, absorbed into CONRAIL
NPMerged into 'BN' (of BNSF) in 1970
MPa.k.a. 'MoPac', Merged into UP in 1993
RI or ROCKDisolved on 3-31-80 after many bankruptcies
MECMaine, Southeastern Canada, now a subsidiary of Guilford Transportation Industries
GNNorthern U.S from WA to MN., now a part of BNSF
PCFormed as a result of several mergers in 1968-69

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