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A meeting held to establish fellowship between two people or groups
Year of Diet of Augsburg & Augsburg Confession
Great Lutheran hymn writer from 1600's
Event where Lutheran rulers presented a summary of their teachings to the emperor
City where Luther was born & died
Castle where Luther was hidden after the Diet of Worms
Year Book of Concord published
German territory where Luther lived
Pope who excommunicated Luther
Lutheran confession that Cleared up doctrinal questions that arose after Luther’s death
Summary of Lutheran teachings presented to the emperor
The '2nd Martin,' one of the authors of the Formula of Concord
Meeting between Lutheran and Swiss reformers to see if they agreed in teaching
A meeting of the Holy Roman Empire's government
A paper issued by the Catholic church that released a person from the punishment of sin.
Burned at the stake about 100 years before Luther
City where Luther was professor at the university
Year of Luther's birth
Luther's wife
Written to help parents and pastors teach basic Bible truths to young people
Event where Luther stood before the emperor and refused to take back his teachings
Exact date of 95 Theses
Ruler who protected Luther by having him kidnapped & hidden
Written by Luther to summarize his teaching before he died
Ruler of Saxony who suggested church visitations that resulted in the Catechisms
Luther was disappointed after visiting this city
Holy Roman Emperor at Luther's time
Luther's writing that claimed the Church had been taken captive by the enemy; explained the sacraments
Place where monks lived to separate themselves from the world
Group who taught Jesus' body & blood are not truly present in Lord's Supper
Castle where Luther stayed during the Diet of Augsburg
Revised church service written by Luther.
Swiss reformer who didn't agree with Luther about the Lord's Supper
According to Catholicism, you had to go here to burn off your sins before you go to heaven
Year of Diet of Worms
Luther's supervisor at the monastery
Year of Luther's death
Luther's friend & co-worker; author of the Augsburg Confession
Indulgence salesman
Long war in Germany in 1600's that caused much suffering & devastation
Empire where Luther lived
Writing that started the Reformation; challenged the selling of indulgences
Luther's writing that addressed the Christian nobility of Germany to stand up for the gospel
Started the Reformation by posting 95 Theses

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