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Can you name the German Past Subjunctive Verbs?

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Sie wusste die Antwort.She would have known the answer.
Du hast Geld gehabt.You would have had money.
Ich war froh.I would have been happy.
Ich habe nichts gesagt.I would not have said anything.
Du wolltest das nicht tun.You wouldn't have wanted to do that.
Die Jungen sind in die Schule gegangen.The boys would have gone to school.
Peter wurde zornig.Peter would have gotten angry.
Wir haben die Arbeit machen müssen.We would have had to do the work.
Er sollte das wissen.He should have known that.
Ihr machtet die Hausaufgaben.You guys would have done the homework.
Der Hund kam mit mir.The dog would have come with me.
Steffi konnte Tennis spielen.Steffi would have been able to play tennis.

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