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Present TensePast TenseEnglish past tense
Ich willI wanted
die Katzen mögenthe cats liked
meine Schwester sollmy sister should have
Sie könnenyou, sir/ma'am, were able
Sie wollenThey wanted
du kannstyou were able
du sollstyou should have
sie müssenthey had to
ihr dürftyou guys were allowed
du musstyou had to
ich sollI should have
du darfstyou were allowed
Du willstyou wanted
Mein Bruder kannmy brother was able
Ich mussI had to
Present TensePast TenseEnglish past tense
wir dürfenwe were allowed
ihr müsstyou guys had to
ich darfI was allowed
wir müssenwe had to
wir könnenwe were able
sie magshe liked
wir sollenwe should have
Karl willKarl wanted
er darfhe was allowed
du magstyou liked
wir mögenwe liked
Steffi mussSteffi had to
sie sollenthey should have
ich kannI was able
ich magI like

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