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Forced Order
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'Stupid! You so stupid!'
Eats hummus.
'Ok. Here's my idea for the next hero class...'
'We're Orcs. In space.'
5 Gnomes who live in the Alterac Mountains
They only say two words. One is racist.
He had to bribe the Mighty Morphin Midget Gnomes with a bullfight and an issue of Good Gnomekeeping.
'Turkey for everyone!'
The Dark Side of Azeroth
'Ye doth speak truth'
He came up with six new swear words.
Has leathery skin.
He killed all the beggars in Orgrimmar.
He killed all three members of the Guild of Self Important Engineers
'If you want your gratting blit...'
He got his master's old job.
Went with the Invisible Pink Unicorn to get ham and pineapple pizza.
He hates being annoyed!
'Really? You mean I can't say BEEP?'
'Terror in Stormwind!'
'Your Mom!'
Member of the Evil Alchemist University

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