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He has an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute. He was once durgged with, and became addicted to, a painkiller called Dilaudid.Spencer Reid
The technical analysis of the BAU, she is one of two members on the team that is not a profiler. She is shown to be very comedic, and she shares a special relationship with Morgan.Penelope Garcia
The BAU's unit chief. His ex-wife was brutally murdered by a psychotic UNSUB known as the Boston Reaper.Aaron Hotchner
Hardened cop from Chicago who once worked with a bomb squad. He was once arrested because it was thought he was killing young boys in his hometown. He shares a special relationshipDerek Morgan
Joined the team after Elle quit. The daughter of a Russian ambassador, she works hard to prove that she deserves to be on the team.Emily Prentiss
One of the founding members of the BAU. He returns to the BAU after Gideon quits to solve an old case that has haunted him for years.David Rossi
Originally the Unit Chief of the BAU, replaced before the series started. He suffered a nervous breakdown after sending six agents to their deaths. Eventually, he became burned outJason Gideon
Formerly an agent in the field office in Seattle, she was assigned to the BAU for her knowledge of sexual crimes. She resigned from the BAU after shooting a suspect in cold blood.Elle Greenaway
The section head of the BAU. She does not get along with Hotch, and once recruited Prentiss to find information about him that would get him fired.Erin Strauss
One of two members of the BAU that is not a profiler. She acts as a liasion to the media and local police.Jennifer Jareau
Took over for JJ while she was on maternity leave. She transfered from the counterterrorism unit of the FBI.Jordan Todd

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