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Can you name the Cirque Du Freak-The Vampire's Assistant Characters?

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The main protagonist, a half-vampire who is also named after the author of the book series
The vampire mentor of the main protagonist
The main antagonist, a half-Vampaneze and ex-best friend of the main character
A mysterious character who manipulates the fates of the main characters
Friend and roommate of the main character, and the snake boy of the Cirque du Freak
The Vampaneze mentor to the main antagonist
A vampire general and long-time friend to the film's main vampire
The main character's love interest and the Cirque du Freak's monkey girl
The Cirque du Freak's bearded lady
The abnormally tall owner of the Cirque du Freak
One of the Cirque's freaks who can eat almost anything on account of his two stomachs
One of the Cirque's freaks who has an extremely hairy complexion
One of the Cirque's freaks with the ability to grow back lost limbs
One of the Cirque's freaks that boasts of being the thinnest man in the world

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