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Who was Yung Ill supposed to battle in Harlem?
Who hosted the Fight Klub?
'Bitchmade ____ ____ ____ ooo I hate y'all!!'
Who knows wheelchair **** that leg move?
Which two battlers are a part of the most viewed video(s) in Grind Time?
At what KOTD event did Drake make an appearence?
Who lost in the battle P Diddy hosted on Smack?
Name one person Mac Lethal lost to in the Scribble Jam Finals
Who will put the 40 to your neck?
What battle rapper is the name William Boggs (RIP) associated with?
Which battler signed a deal with Ludacris?
Who did Justice defeat in the finals of Scribble Jam?
Which former battle rapper made XXL's Freshmen of 2011 list?
Which Canadian battle rapper did Jin square off with?
Which battle rapper was labelled a 'Jeremy'?
Who did Reign Man defeat in the finals of MTV's first major battle tournament?
Who threw a hat following a round in the WRC 06 finals?
What is the name of the largest battle event yet?
Who won between Math Hoffa and Aye Verb?
Who were in the finals of the HBO sponsored Blaze Battle 2000?
How many consecutive wins does it take to be inducted into Freestyle Friday's Hall of Fame?
Who does B-Rabbit face at the end of '8-Mile'?
How many points did Jordan score when Iverson crossed him?
What Canadian battle league did Drect use to make Grind Time's blueprint?
What league was the Lionz Den supposed to battle?

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