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Which Enterprise crew member is part of the duck blind mission?
What is the area of space where the Ba'ku planet is locally known as?
Which admiral is overseeing the mission?
Who is the Son'a officer leading the mission?
What song do Worf and Picard sing over the comm to distract Data on their approach to the planet?
What is the name of the Son'a device critical to the mission?
What is the planets population?
How many years have the Ba'ku been living on the planet?
What type of particles are in the planets rings being sought after?
What did Picard and Data find hidden in the lake?
Of the main TNG crew, which members stayed on the ship instead of going to the surface?
The Son'a needed to use this piece of technology to get a lock on the Bak'u through the interference
Who was Picard's romantic interest on the planet?
What does La Forge say the tactic the Enterprise uses to evade two Son'a ships should be called?

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