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What ship is being dedicated at the beginning of the film?
What rank did Worf get promoted to?
What star system was the attacked Federation space station in?
Who attacked the station?
Which survivor claimed to have an important experiment he needed to finish on the station?
Who were the Klingons aiding the scientist?
Which crew member was captured by the Klingons?
Where did the Enterprise catch up with the Klingons after they eluded them?
What was the name of the phenomenon traveling through the galaxy?
What substance was used to destroy the two stars?
Who did Picard meet after being caught in the phenomenon?
What disadvantage did the Enterprise exploit during battle with the Klingon ship?
Which starship meet up with the Enterprise after the battle?
What crewmember was the same species as the evil scientist?
What did Data install in himself to try and be more human?

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