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Which admiral contacts Picard about the Borg attack?
What sector of space is the Federation fleet setting up a defense line?
Where is the Enterprise ordered to go instead of joining the fleet?
Who is the helmsman for the Enterprise who later gets assimilated?
Upon arriving at the battle, the Enterprise saves the crew of which ship?
Commander Riker jokingly asked Worf if he still remembered how to do what at tactical?
What did the Borg sphere release to create a temporal vortex?
The Enterprise arrived back in time on what date?
That date is the day before what event in human history?
Where is the first warp ship being built?
What was the warp ship originally built to be?
What is the name of the first warp ship?
What deck are sickbay and engineering located on the Enterprise?
Dr. Crusher swore she would never one of these
Deanna had to do shots of what drink to find out who Zefram Cochrane was?
Riker tells Cochrane he needs to do his flight by what time?
What holodeck program do Picard and Lily hide in from the Borg?
What does Picard discover the Borg are building?
To help him see the depth of his vengeance, Lily compares Picard to what fictional captain?
How long did Data say he was tempted by the Borg queen's offer to be a liaison between humanity and the Borg?
What species did Cochrane make first contact with?

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