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Picard's first shipThe Battle
Riker served on under Capt DeSotoTin Man
Nechayev used as her command ship during a Borg incursionDescent, part I
Destroyed by Klingons while surveying Genesis planetStar Trek III: The Search for Spock
Crashed on a Dyson Sphere, Scotty was a passengerRelics
Sisko served on at Wolf 359Emissary
Captain Maxwell went rogue in Cardassian space The Wounded
First starship destroyed by Jem'HadarThe Jem'Hadar
Lost in Delta quadrant, commanded by Captain RansomEquinox, part I
Commanded by Data briefly during Klingon civil warRedemption, part II
Janeway served on under Owen ParisCaretaker, part I
Riker's first commandStar Trek Nemesis
Worf's human father served onFamily
Data discovered by this ships crewData lore
Riker commanded during Federation blockade of Romulan border during Klingon civil warRedemption, part II
This ship experimented with a new type of cloaking devicePegasus
First ship with the multi-vector assault mode as a defensive systemMessage in a Bottle
Commanded by Vulcan Captain SolokTake Me Out to the Holosuite
Used in a war game with the EnterprisePeak Performance

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