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First theme heard in the entire series
Often played when someone dies.
The traveling theme.
LOST's main theme.
John Locke's theme.
Kate Austen's theme.
Richard Alpert's theme.
Kate and Sawyer's love theme.
Juliet and Sawyer's love theme.
Played in the ending moments of season 4
Jack Shephard's theme.
Jacob's theme.
Played when they start the Dharma van.
Played when they get the raft launched
Jack Shephard's sideways theme.
Sun and Jin's love theme.
Sung by Claire in the end of 'Sundown'
Played when Oceanic 6 reach the mainland
Juliet Burke's theme.
Benjamin Linus theme.
Plays when Jack gets the light back on in 'The End'.
Charlie Pace's theme.
Charlie and Claire's love theme.
Hurley's dramatic theme.
Played in the ending scene of season 3
Desmond Hume's theme.
Kate and Claire's sideways theme.
Plays when Michael leaves the island.
Plays when Oceanic 815 lands in Los Angeles in the flashsideways.
The theme of the light source.
Plays while Jack and Locke fight in 'The End'
Played in the ending moments of the show.
Plays after every episode.

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