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What band did Brooke and Peyton split up for the boy lists on Peyton's closet doors?
Why did Whitey give Haley detention for the first time?
Who does Bevin scout in the Fantasy Boy Draft?
What was Karen's mayor campaign slogan?
Who was the first pick in the Fantasy Boy Draft?
What is Mouth's grandfather's nickname?
How many points did Nathan score in the first game of the season?
What does the note say that Deb left when she started the dealership fire?
What was the name of the east coast talent scout that came to watch Nathan play?
Who does Karen her first dollar at the cafe the day she opened?
What is Peyton's saddest song ever?
Where does Peyton spread Ellie's ashes?
What company sponsors the cheerleading Classic?
Where was Peyton shot?
How does Haley know it is Nathan outside the door of the Tutor Center during the shooting?
What are the stages of grief that Lucas describes at Keith's funeral?
What does the sign in front of THHS say after the shooting?
What celebrity joins the group on their weekend in the woods?
How old does Rachel tell Cooper she is?
Who narrates a fairy tale during the episode of Nathan and Haley's rehearsal dinner?

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